Information For Students

Instructions for students ready to submit their thesis/dissertation for evaluation

To submit a thesis/dissertation to the College of Graduate Studies, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The program director or whoever acts on his behalf requests a Review System account for the student by submitting an email to

            with the following:

  • The student’s name
  • The student’s KU ID number
  • The student’s KU email
  • The name of the program
  • Attach a colored soft copy (PDF) of the below forms completed (typed) and signed by all those concerned with a handwritten blue signature.
    • AC4T/AC4D – the examination committee formation form
    • AC4TR/AC4DR—the external reviewer nomination form
  • Attach the following only if the student’s enrollment has been cancelled
    • A colored soft copy (PDF) of the re-enrollment form completed (typed) and signed by the student and program director with a handwritten blue signature.
    • The thesis/dissertation in PDF format
  1. If the program director is the student’s supervisor or co-supervisor, then a program committee member who is not in the advisory committee of the student submits the AC4TR/AC4DR on behalf of the program director. Furthermore, the supervisor and co-supervisor must refrain from signing the AC4TR.
  2. After the forms and attachments have been checked, verified and endorsed and it has been confirmed that the student satisfies all the pre-requisites for submission, an account for the Review System will be issued for the student. The College will send an email to the student’s “” email account with their username and password. 
  3. The following documents must be uploaded and submitted by the student in the Review System within one week from the date of receiving the email from the College with their account details:
    1. The thesis/dissertation in PDF format
    2. The completed and signed Remote Exam Declaration form.

Failure to submit the required documents in the Review System in the specified time frame will result in the cancellation of the submission request. 


How to submit your thesis/dissertation for evaluation

If you have received an email from the “The Review System, College of Graduate Studies, Kuwait University, ”  then this means you can begin the thesis submission procedures.  Please follow the steps below to submit yout thesis to the system.

Step 1: Go to the following URL

Step 2:  Use the username and password given to you in the email you received from “The Review System, College of Graduate Studies, Kuwait University” to login

Step 3:  Once you login, you will be asked to change your password.  Make a note of your username and new password.  You will need it to enter the system.

Step 4:  When you are logged into the system, you will see the Submissions page.

Step 5:   Click on the new submission button.

Step 6:  In the window that appears select the file(s) you would like to submit one at a time.  Every time you select a file you will be asked to review it, and then confirm it.  If you would like to upload another file click the upload another file button or complete to finish.  All students are required to submit the following documents:

  1. Thesis/dissertation file in pdf format.
  2. Remote exam declaration form  (signed by the student and saved as a color pdf file)
  3. Re-enrollment form (required if the student has an enrollment cancellation)

In the next screen, click save and continue. The system will take you to the “Enter Metadata” tab.

Step 7:  The “Enter Metadata”  tab.  The system will prompt you to enter more information.  Please enter the information carefully and correctly. 

Click “Save and Continue” on the bottom of the screen  go to the “Conformation” tab.

Step 8. The “Confirmation” tab.  If all the information you entered is correct, click the “Final Submission”  button.  Otherwise click cancel and go back to make changes. 

Step 9:  You may login using your username and password at any time to track the progress of your thesis/dissertation review by going to the following URL:

The Review System, College of Graduate Studies, Kuwait University

Once the student has finalized the submission process, all parties concerned will carry out their respective tasks and roles in the screening, evaluation and review of the thesis/dissertation through the Review System.

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